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Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00, or make an appointment by telephone.

Surprise someone with a unique gift? How about an Ostrich Excursion or a present from our shop? We have the suiting gift cards or gift sets to really make someone’s day!
Directly available in various colours and lengths up to 70 centimetres!
A local product (egg-nog) made from our own ostrich eggs. A real original and tasty gift!
Ostrich beef (eye-filet), hamburgers and sausages, all vacuum sealed in easy to-go portions. Deeply frozen and directly available. Sold from our home.
Products on ostrich oil basis. - Hand, day- and night crème - Ostrich balm (for extra dry skin) - Shampoo - Bathing oil - Skin lotion - Massage oil Ostrich oil has healing characteristics and is easily absorbed through the skin. No stickiness!
Fresh ostrich eggs, great to make a special egg salad or a really big omelette! On average, one egg contains about 30 chicken eggs. The empty egg shells can be used for decoration, such as painting and crafting.
Various crafts and paintings.
Various handmade, authentic jewellery from the shell of an ostrich egg.
Products made from luxury ostrich leather.

‘Heierhof Huisverkoop’ is part of the redevelopment of the countryside, also known as reconstruction. On several locations in the surrounding area, new nature reserves arise, rivers and waterways are maintained which keeps villages lively. This allows agriculture to develop itself on durable locations. All together these projects tribute to a more vital, clean and beautiful countryside for villagers and tourists. Governmental institutions, social organizations and individuals are responsible for the fulfilment under supervision of the province North Brabant. In this region, they are united with the reconstruction commission ‘Boven-Dommel’. The project ‘Heierhof Huisverkoop’ is powered by the province North Brabant.