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Children's party / birthday party

Children's party / birthday party

Is your child’s birthday coming up and are you looking for something extraordinary for his or her birthday?

Then we have a brilliant idea!

At Donkey Farm “Heierhof” we organize a nice children's party for your son or daughter together with our Donkeys. How does the basic program look like? (This can be adapted to the weather).

The basic program will take about 3 hours and includes following:

· Welcome with a lemonade and cake reception (time for the presents)
· Donkey brushing
- Donkey walk or Alpaca walk
· Feed ostriches (who dares may embrace them too)
· Ability to play freely on skelters and trampoline
· Drink lemonade
· Diploma ceremony with an ice cream or bag of chips
· Children can enjoy unlimited lemonade.
 ** (Mentioned above are its guidelines)

The basic program costs € 12,50, - per child.

You may also extend the basic program with extra food. This takes about half an hour.

You can choose from the following options:

· Unlimited potatoes with one frikandel or croquette incl. Sauce: € ,50 per child
· Eating unlimited pancakes: € 5,50 per child.

Would you as a parent / supervisor also like to join for eating with us? This is certainly possible, we will keep the same rates as with the children. Everything is negotiable.

If you have any questions or wishes, do not hesitate to contact us.


Information & Price

€ 12,50 per adult
€ 12,50 per child