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Archery is a really fun activity!

Accompanied by our instructors, along with the watching eye of your family and friends, you try to hit the ‘Gold’ of the target.

At Heierhof you will shoot with a recurve-bow. This is a handbow of which the ends, in a state of no tension, curl forwards.

Before starting this activity our instructors inform you all about the right techniques, the do’s and dont's. We take safety very seriously! During the break, we can provide you with a refreshing drink and after you’ve finished there will be coffee and tea waiting for you.

Who may call him- or herself ‘King of the Woods’ by winning this thrilling competition?

This activity is easy to combine with our Ostrich BBQ.

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Information & Price

€ 10,50 per adult
€ 10,50 per child

Includes: Activity information, use of our handbows, arrows and scoreboard.
Total estimate duration 1,5 hours.