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Interesting & educational ostrich excursions

At ostrich farm Heierhof you will get to know everything you need about these extraordinary, gentle animals.

Our personal and amusing story is shared by our enthusiastic staff in an authentic stable. Everything you need to know about ostrich meat, eggs, feathers, cosmetics and Leatherware and more.

All in all ostriches are a rare sight to see. Which has led to these memorable excursions for all ages! The excursion comes with a tasting session of our ‘Struis Teutje’ at the end, as well as numerous playful elements and a real test for any daredevils among the group.

The ostrich excursion is a true recommendation for group activities and includes a visit to our shop.

It’s possible to combine this activity with other activities and even our pastry, lunch or BBQ-arrangements.

More importantly, this activity is easily accessible for people with any form of disability. This also includes wheelchairs, rollators and tri-walkers.

Duration of the excursion and visiting our shop: approximately 1,5 hours.


Information & Price

€ 12,50 per adult
€ 7,50 per child

Excursion plus tasting session of ostrich egg-nog
A hug from our ostriches, coffee, tea or lemonade.
Total estimate duration 1,5 hours
Primary schools; reduced rate.