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FootGolf is a combination of football and golf. This game is played with a smaller sized football and just like in regular golf you play on a course with a variety of holes. In this case a 10-hole course through the countryside. You will play the ball from the start in direction of the next hole. The winner will be the player with the least amount of shots taken to complete the course.

Our course is suitable for all ages and allows you to undertake some outdoor sports. With a length of over 1 km, the course will take through cultivated fields, meadows and wooded landscape.

Depending on your own pace, this activity takes approximately 1,5 hours. We strongly advise you to wear suitable footwear and comfortable clothing. 

This activity is easy to combine with our Ostrich BBQ.

Please also view our Ostrich Excursion or any other activity for possible combinations and create your own package deal.


Information & Price

€ 10,50 per adult
€ 7,50 per child

Includes: Activity information and materials.
Total estimate duration time: 1,5 hours