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Donkey Walk in the Brabantse Kempen

Donkey walk in Kempen (Brabant Province, the Netherlands)

Donkey Farm “Heierhof” hires donkeys to accompany you on your walk through the surroundings of stunning Kempen (which is located in the Province of Brabant, the Netherlands).

To take a little distance from our everyday life, it is great to relax with your family while walking with one of our donkeys.

In view of the behavior of the donkey, who does everything very calmly and does not rush at all, let yourself be rejoiced. Younger children (from 4 to 7 years old) can ride the donkey just for fun or when they feel tired from the walk take a rest on the donkeys back.
The donkey can also carry your luggage well; We then put wicker baskets on the yoke.

At donkey Farm “Heierhof” there are routes marked from 2.5 to 15 km (approx. 1,3 – 8 miles) The route you choose is provided free of charge.

This walk can be extended with a picnic, unlimited fries and snacks or pancakes.


Information & Price

Huur Ezel voor een dag € 55,00 max. 5 personen.

Huur Ezel halve dag € 45,00 max. 5 personen.

Huur picknickmand excl. inhoud € 5,00.

Picknickpakket vanaf 12 jr. € 13,50 p.p.

Picknickpakket tot 12 jr. € 8,50 p.p.