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Donkey coaching for children and adults!

Donkey coaching for children and adults!

Dear Donkey Friends,

At “Heierhof” you can also go for Donkey coaching. What does this mean you will wonder?

Donkeys are known for their compassionate character and are the biggest and most reliable friend for children and adults. Donkeys can look tender at you with their big eyes, making you soon confident in this sweet friend. The reactions of people who have been in contact with our donkeys are overwhelming.

Do you recognize that you are less comfortable in your skin or are you very busy with all kinds of obligations? When a Donkey notices that you're busy, he looks at you from a distance and does not take a closer look. He does not like your energy at that moment. If you're relaxed then the donkey comes to you, this just naturally happens by nature by itself. In Donkey coaching we put the donkeys to use for our exercises and activities to setting up the children's and children's childcare needs with provided handles.

You can apply these handles as followed:

- develop yourself
- gain insight into yourself
- Achieve achievable goals, dreams and wishes
- Increase personal effectiveness in both private, work or school
- have more fun in life

What is Children Coaching?

Child coaching is a low-threshold short-term form of aid for various problems of children aged between 4 and 18 years. For example, our capacity to read we will learn those skills in School, we will learn to swim if we go to the swimming school, we will learn to play soccer at  the football club etc. But how and where do you learn the skills to deal with anger? And where do you gain your skills to create more self-confidence? How do you make sure you gain more confidence and stay strong? How to make yourself more resilient? Just a few examples of issues that can be quite difficult for a child or a teenager. Children coaching can help you with this. Discovering where the child or the teenager’s talent lies, recognizing his or her qualities is an important part of the sessions. Solution-oriented at work, along with the Donkeys looking for how a child or teenager can cope with what's difficult for him or her.
A children coach helps your child to seek the solutions in himself and achieve his own goal.

Who can attend?
All children, adolescents and adults who feel stressed or overwhelmed by issues, worry about anything, insist on certain questions, worry about certain things, wants to reflect ........!

Which children can attend?

- children who sleep poorly regularly - children who suffer from bullying

- children who often feel scared
- children who are often angry
- children who are suffering from a disease
- children who have autism / ADHD or dyslexia
- children who are highly sensitive / gifted children
- children who are a little intro - or extrovert- children who often feel sad




Information & Price

Asinotherapie / Ezelcoaching per sessie +/- 1 uur € 75,00.