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FarmersGolf & Tandem Cycling

You start this activity at bicycle- and tandem rental ‘van der Mierden’ in Bladel in the direction of the cosy bar called ‘t Nekkermenneke’ for some coffee and a small bite.

Afterwards you will continue your journey by taking a nice route through wooded landscape and heathland.

Once arrived at Heierhof, you will be welcomed and will be informed about the next activity called ‘FarmersGolf’.

At Heierhof, there are two different courses to play FarmersGolf. The short route will take approximately 1 hour and the long route will take approximately 1,5 – 2 hours.

After returning from this fun activity, you will cycle back to the bicycle- and tandem rental in Bladel.


Information & Price

€ 26,50 per adult
€ 20,00 per child

Includes: Activity information, bicycle or tandem, lovely cycling route.